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After WOOREE E&L established on 2008, E&L has the best design and process technology based on the technical skills with constant R&D in LED PKG.

The energy price is sustainably rising recently. For this reason, high-efficient and low-power LED industry compared to existed luminous source is recording high growth rate.
Woree E&L is the power leading company covering from mobile, tablet PC, laptop, monitor, Display for TV to lighting PKG and E&L is aiming to achieve global No.1 in LED field. Now local subsidiaries in China and Vietnam are in full operation, and E&L raising its competitiveness of cost and productive capacity.
We will actively develop the present situation and prepare for the uncertain future.

Now WOOREE E&L writes the new history about challenge to achieve global No.1 in LED industry. Please watch WOOREE E&L’s growth along with customers based on capacity of technology development and confident attitude of success.

We always appreciate your interest and support to WOOREE E&L.