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After WOOREE E&L established on 2008, E&L has the best design and process technology based on the technical skills with constant R&D in LED PKG.

The energy price is sustainably rising recently. For this reason, high-efficient and low-power LED industry compared to existed luminous source is recording high growth rate.
Woree E&L is the power leading company covering from mobile, tablet PC, laptop, monitor, Display for TV to lighting PKG and E&L is aiming to achieve global No.1 in LED field. Now local subsidiaries in China and Vietnam are in full operation, and E&L raising its competitiveness of cost and productive capacity.
We will actively develop the present situation and prepare for the uncertain future.

In August 2021, Haroutine, a lifestyle brand that shares everyone's healthy daily routine, was launched on the market.

Haroutine introduced health functional foods to the market, which had suggested improvements to existing solemn, formal consumers like strict trainers or pharmacist teachers, into new health brands that look like fun and convenient friends.

To become a health brand that satisfies consumers' needs in key health areas, Haroutine has entered the market with three lines: neutrality line, oriental line and diet line, and is trying to grow into a total health brand that covers all areas of consumers' life routine.

Now WOOREE E&L writes the new history about challenge to achieve global No.1 in LED industry. And it is also striving to secure a successful position as a lifestyle brand in the health-related market. Please watch WOOREE E&L’s growth along with customers based on capacity of technology development and confident attitude of success.

We always appreciate your interest and support to WOOREE E&L.